Aerial view of a bowl of Halloween candy

In anticipation of the spookiest time of year, the Student Instructional Technology Assistants (SITAs) in the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology held a training session to bring to light some of the scary-helpful ICON tricks and treats that are too often left hidden in the shadows.  

This hair-raising training covered grading, accessibility, communication, and more. Participants learned: 

  • How to add extra credit opportunities with weighted assignment groups. 
  • How to utilize “fudge points” in a quiz.  
  • How to run a UDOIT accessibility report and make suggested changes to avoid any jump-scares down the road.  
  • The function of the Moderate Quiz feature and how to use it to suit your classroom needs. 
  • How to utilize the Message Students Who tool.  
  • How to enable Announcements to be shown on the Homepage.  
  • How Student View can help you avoid ICON nightmares.  

To watch a recording of this and previous trainings, visit the recorded webinars web page.  

To book a consult with a SITA, visit their bookings site or email