Students collaborating in a TILE classroom

With the adoption of Canvas as the engine that drives ICON, instructors have gained many new functions within our course sites that help us collaborate and engage with other users in the course. One such tool is known as “Groups.”

Groups is a powerful tool in Canvas that can help increase student collaboration. Creating groups is done through the course “People” tool. Students can either be assigned to the group by the instructor or opt to self-enroll in a group.

Once created, each group is given its own space within the course site. This space is only accessible to members of the group and course instructors.  Group members are granted access to various tools, such as the Discussions and Pages tools.  In addition, students are given access to their own file storage space.

Instructors have full access to these smaller group spaces within their course site, but the addition of content and participation in discussions in these spaces will depend on the student's own initiative.

 Instructors use Groups in Canvas a number of ways, including:

  • Setting up groups for assignments and in-class work (Assignment grading differs for Group Assignments. More info available here.)
  • Facilitating semester-long projects by group
  • Facilitating student-run study groups within the course

To learn more about Groups in Canvas, please review Canvas Groups documentation.

For any other questions regarding Canvas, please visit this community site for documentation relating to Canvas.

If you have questions concerning your course site please contact the ITS Help Desk (