Continuing its mission to save students money and enhance academic success, ICON Direct looks towards the spring semester.


Launched this fall, ICON Direct gave students the option to buy digital textbooks and course materials at a much lower cost than their printed equivalents.


Among many of its benefits, ICON Direct allows students to gain access to course eTexts prior to the start of classes. To order eText materials, Instructors need to use the ICON Direct Order Tool.


When selecting course materials through ICON Direct, instructors are given access to a variety of online learning platforms such as Pearson's MyLab, McGraw Hill's Connect, Cengage, MacMillan, and many more. Not all courses can use ICON Direct, however, because relevant eTexts may not be available.


If you are interested in adopting ICON Direct, or are ready to order your eText materials for the spring semester, please contact Annette Beck at or Vicky Maloy at