If you’re looking for a place to share ideas with fellow instructors or simply need an excuse to read more, then look no further—the Center for Teaching now offers three low-prep reading groups for faculty, TAs, and other instructors on campus.


NEW TA Low-Prep Reading Group


As a graduate student, do you have two hours per month to spend reflecting on your teaching practices? Do you want the opportunity to discuss teaching with an interdisciplinary group of UI peers?


The new Graduate Student Low-Prep Reading Group is designed to provide a low-stakes opportunity for graduate students to reflect on their teaching with their peers while starting to connect with the national conversation about teaching. The time commitment for this group is 2 hours per month.


If you have any questions, please contact Specialist in Teaching & Learning Morgan Iommi at morgan-iommi@uiowa.edu.


NEW Whistling Vivaldi Book Group


Join us for an ongoing conversation to discuss Claude M. Steele’s book, Whistling Vivaldi.


This group will come together for three one-hour sessions (February – April)—meetings at times that best fit majority participant availability. Participants will be asked to commit to attending all sessions.


Open to all campus instructors, including TAs. Participants who attend all sessions will receive a personal copy of the book.


If you have any questions, please contact Morgan Iommi at morgan-iommi@uiowa.edu.


Faculty Low-Prep Reading Group


Now in its second year, the Low-Prep Reading Group led by Specialist in Teaching and Learning Anna Flaming meets monthly to discuss short but dense readings on an array of topics related to teaching and learning.


If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Low Prep Reading Group, please contact Anna Flaming at anna-flaming@uiowa.edu.