Image of students working on the dancing robots project.
Students in dance and computer science work in small interdisciplinary groups to create and produce creative dance works performed by robots. See this ITTA funded project

When Marc Linderman wanted to teach his undergraduate students about the use and application of spatial imagery to better understand environmental and social processes, the Associate Professor of Geographical and Sustainability Studies decided to turn to the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology for support. Although OTLT does not provide the drones Linderman needs to teach, it offers something even better: funding support for innovative applications of instructional technology in the classroom.  With that funding, Linderman was able to purchase a drone and teach his students how to effectively and safely use the technology in the field. Linderman is one of 73 UI instructors who have received Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards (ITTA) during the last 13 years.

The Academic Technologies Advisory Council (ATAC) funds the ITTA to support a variety of innovative applications of instructional technology in the classroom. The goal of the awards is to raise the level of instructional excellence at The University of Iowa by supporting the implementation of significant and innovative instructional technology across campus.

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