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Starting in spring 2019, the exam scoring process powered by Instructor Tools will change. Recommended and approved by Associate Deans and faculty members on the Academic Technology Advisory Council (ATAC), these changes aim to save faculty members time by simplifying the process of giving partial or bonus points, changing answer keys, and retrieving exam scores via an online portal. These changes will also allow for enhanced FERPA protection and provide more autonomy for instructors who want to rewrite exams.


For the past year, roughly 60 instructors have tested the new exam scoring process and have all shared positive comments including increased autonomy and as suspected, time savings.


In the past, instructors automatically received many attachments in their email after submitting exams to be scored. The new portal allows instructors to pick and choose the files they believe to be most useful, including the Canvas grade file.


To enhance the protection of exams before and after they have been scored, the ways in which exams are delivered across campus has also changed. Rather than sending exams through Campus Mail, instructors should now drop them off to directly at the Copy Center (C102 PBB) or in the drop box outside the Copy Center. In addition, exams will no longer be returned via campus mail and individuals who pick up exams must show their ID.


For more exam scoring information, visit: https://teach.uiowa.edu/exam-scoring.