By pulling and aggregating data from the ICON Gradebook, Elements of Success (EoS) generates real-time performance feedback for students to help them succeed in a course. The learning analytics platform provides easy-to-understand data visualizations that show course progress alongside areas to target for improvement.  

While students should regularly check EoS to monitor their performance, some students may not access the dashboard frequently enough to receive valuable interventions. To aid instructors and students, EoS recently added automated alerts.  

With this new feature, instructors can identify events that trigger notifications, which appear in the navigation bar of a student’s ICON course page. Events include:  

  • A student’s current standing increases or decreases. (This alert includes standard language to help encourage growth mindset but can be edited by instructors.) 
  • A student receives a feedback message from their instructor.  
  • A weekly notification about which course resources and files are most frequently accessed by their peers.  
  • An instructor resets or sets up the goal setting portion. (This includes standard language about goal setting.) 

EoS was developed by the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology in close collaboration with UI faculty members. To learn more, visit or email