UI college classroom filled with rows of workstation computers

Here’s a glimpse at some of the classroom technology updates that will affect fall 2022 learning spaces.  

OTLT Learning Spaces is looking forward to the debut of a few updated classrooms, including Seamans Center 1505, the building’s largest lecture learning space, and Biology Building 154, a TILE learning space for up to 36 students. These spaces received updated A/V technologies that include Solstice devices, WolfVision vSolutions Cam document cameras, room-mounted webcams, microphones, and updated control panel interfaces. 

The team also finished installing nearly 600 Solstice devices across campus. Solstice facilitates wireless presentation and collaborative content sharing from almost any source, including Apple, Windows, and Android devices. Some learning spaces, most notably TILE classrooms, can have several Solstice devices to accommodate multiple groups/displays. 

“Solstice is a flexible alternative to connecting devices to HDMI cables and presenting tethered to lecterns,” says Anne Schimke, a senior IT support consultant.

To further facilitate its integration, Learning Spaces will conduct Solstice training sessions for instructors throughout the academic year. Register for a Solstice training to be held on Friday, Aug. 19, from 2 to 3 p.m.  

Other Updates to Classroom Technology 

Other projects include the replacement of older document cameras, the replacement of older Instructional Technology Center printers, and an approximately 20 percent annual replacement of out-of-warranty computer workstations.  

Learning Spaces completed updating over 160 document cameras. The newest WolfVision vSolutions Cam document camera is a small-footprint, LED-based, and Zoom-friendly document sharing and writing capture device. It can serve face-to-face and hybrid classroom environments, and some large lecture rooms have dual document cameras.  

Instructional Technology Centers, student computer labs designed for access to academic computing resources, received new printers. Les Neu, a senior IT support consultant, states that the printers are “production-quality color laser printers with environmentally friendly, energy-saving features.” 

Additionally, the Instructional Technology Centers also received 100 new laptops (via the UI Libraries checkout pool) and had 214 replaced workstations.  

Tour Your Classroom 

“We encourage instructors to check out their rooms before the first day of classes,” says Bryan Cooling, an IT support analyst. “It’s an opportunity to re-familiarize yourself with classrooms while acclimating to recent updates in learning space technology. It’s also a perfect time to learn the Solstice wireless presentation system.” 

To request a classroom tour or schedule an on-site demonstration, complete the Learning Spaces Tour Request form