Don’t forget that on Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021, the University of Iowa will end its license with the media sharing platform Kaltura. To prepare for the migration, Kaltura My Media will be removed from ICON on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021. In addition, videos currently in Kaltura are being moved to UICapture.

Here are a few reminders to ensure you’re ready for the switch.   

There are a few types of content that won't automatically move from Kaltura to UICapture:

  • YouTube videos embedded in a Kaltura player. Users can move their YouTube videos to Panopto.
  • Discussions, PDFs, images, notes, video comments, video links, in-video quizzes, video analytics, video permissions, and document attachments.
  • Kaltura folder names.

When the migration is complete, content will start appearing in your UICapture "My Folder."

To ensure you’re ready for next semester, remember to:

  • Re-embed and relink videos in ICON, web pages, or other online locations.
  • Rebuild quizzes using the UICapture quiz tool.
  • Move or copy videos to folders of your choosing in UICapture.
  • Review and set user permissions for UICapture folders and videos.
  • Use UICapture for all media management needs.

Want more information? Check out resources for moving Kaltura content to UICapture. See how you can get started with UICapture.

Have questions? Contact the ITS Help Desk.