Example of a large lecture class.


Mark S. Andersland, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to enhance students’ problem solving skills. The fully transformed course was delivered in the fall 2014.


The average enrollment of this course: 150-200.


College of Engineering

Large Lecture Transformation

  1. Adopted a flipped classroom model. Students actively engaged in problem solving tasks collaboratively in class time and prepared class via assigned readings, lecture videos, and/or pre-class problems outside of classroom
  2. Adopted an innovative instructional technology that could effectively facilitate interactive student-centered problem solving activities in a traditional lecture hall.
  3. Designed  multiple difficulty levels of problem sets that accommodate different student learning levels (e.g., problems for all students, challenge problems for advanced students)  
  4. Developed a multi-level feedback system so students could receive immediate and helpful feedback at the moment students were engaging in the problems.
  5. Trained all teaching assistants to get familiar with the technology system and effectively guide and coach student learning.  

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