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Date & Location:

Friday, October 19th, 2018
2520D University Capitol Centre, Conference Center
8:00 am - 2:30 pm

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Registration and Breakfast

Welcome, Logistics and Introduction of Enterprise Instructional Technology Team

Maggie Jesse, Senior Director, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology
Annette Beck, Director, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology

Keeping up with ICON, what has changed in the last year

Did you know the software behind ICON is updated every three weeks?  In this session we will cover some of the changes that have been made in the past year, including access to the Student View, the accessibility check in the content editor menu, and the Student To-Do list!

Vicky Maloy, Senior Instructional Technologist, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology

Faculty Presentation

In fall of 2016 the College of Public Health began an undergraduate program in Public Health. Foundational courses were to be developed and team taught across departments. We will provide an overview of our lessons learned, challenges encountered, and subsequent changes implemented. Before our second offering of this course we participated in the Learning Design Collaboratory. We will discuss how we further developed and enhanced our ICON site as we worked with a course designer and development team, including our experience with adopting the ICON Direct (Engage) platform for our course eText.

Maggie Chorazy, Director of Undergraduate Programs, and Clinical Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Knute Carter, Clinical Assistant Professor, Biostatistics


10:00-10:15          Break

Lightning Round – 10 minutes each

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are increasingly popular with the services that Iowa provides. This session will include a list of the current mobile apps available at Iowa for instructional technology. There will also be a very brief demo of the “teacher” app in ICON.

Josh Stuart, Instructional Technologist, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology


The Universal Design Online Content Inspection Tool (UDOIT) can be implemented to check areas of ICON courses for accessibility, and provides an easy way to identify areas of a course’s ICON site that may prevent people using assistive technology from accessing the site.

Todd Weissenberger, Senior IT Consultant, Security Office

Third Party Integrations

Third party integrations are common in our ICON Learning Ecosystem from Panopto to Turnitin and more. This will include a list of those integrations, the support offered and what needs to happen behind the scenes before it they can be used in ICON.

Dave Long, IT Manager, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology

Exam Scoring Instructor Tools

Instructor Tools is an online user portal of Digital Desk, the software used to score Scantron/bubble sheet exams. Instructors can edit the exams themselves or with a TA or administrative assistant’s help. The instructor will be notified by email that their reports are ready and they will be able to login to Instructor Tools and edit their exam and/or download some or all reports, based on their needs

Makur Jain, Senior Instructional Technologist, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology

Affordable Content: ICON Direct and OER

Keeping the price tag for course materials low is a constant challenge. If you are interested in finding out more about free or low cost materials, you will want to know more about ICON Direct and Open Educational Resource (OER). ICON Direct allows you to provide inclusive access content integrated with your ICON course while OER gives you the option to find, tailor, and create course resources that make pedagogical and cost sense for your courses.

Vicky Maloy, Senior Instructional Technologist, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology
Mahrya Burnett, Scholarly Communication Librarian, University Libraries


11:45-12:30          Lunch

Panel: thinking about designing your course

This session is a question and answer session on pedagogical considerations for designing your course from creating assignments to using Library resources and more. It will also include Top Ten Hints about designing your course “for your students”.

Annette Beck, Director, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology (Session Facilitator)
Pinar Celik, Learning Designer, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology
Anna Flaming, Associate Director, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology
Daniel Gall, Coordinator of Library Distance Education Services, University Libraries
Nina Kim, Lead Instructional Designer, Distance and Online Education

Elements of Success

Elements of Success is Iowa’s learning analytics platform that provides students with real-time performance feedback to help them plan and manage their studies. In this session, we will introduce the new look and features of Elements of Success and present the recent research findings. In addition, a faculty member will share her experience implementing Elements of Success in online courses.

Alexandra Nica, Lecturer, TIPPIE College of Business, Economics
Jane Russell, Associate Director, Research and Analytics, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology
Anna Smith, Research Associate, Research and Analytics Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology
Ross Miller, Senior Application Developer, Administrative Information Systems


Top Ten Helpful Hints

The ever so popular “end the day on a high note” outlines Top Ten things about ICON that will make your day better.

Dave Long, IT Manager, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology
Nicole Metzger, World Languages


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Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa- sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology in advance at teaching@uiowa.edu or 319-335-6084.