Additional information about diversity is available from these offices:

  • Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity:
    • 202 Jessup Hall,
    • 335-0705
  • International Programs:
    • 1111 University Capitol Centre,
    • 353-2700
  • Office of Staff Disability Service:
    • 121 University Services Building, Ste. 20,
    • 335-2660; 335-3495 (TTY)
  • Student Disability Services:
    • 3015 Burge,
    • 335-1462; 335-1498 (TTY)
  • Sign Language Interpreters:

For additional information, you may want to read these documents:

  • The University of Iowa Policy on Human Rights makes clear that the school strives to bring together “in common pursuit of its educational goals persons of many nations, races, and creeds.”
  • The University of Iowa Strategic Plan— Renewing The Iowa Promise—states that a key University goal is “to continue to advance the core values and priorities of inclusion and internationalization. Domestic and global diversity are essential to excellence across all parts of our mission.”