Teaching and learning: They seem inseparable. To accomplished college teachers, the famous (or perhaps, infamous) statement, “I taught it, but they didn’t learn it” is a non sequitur.

While good teachers do their utmost to create opportunities for students to experience significant learning, the process of learning takes place in the minds of students. The best college teachers convey knowledge and skills, show passion for their discipline, and care about their students’ intellectual lives. They also explicitly make their students responsible for their own learning.

This Handbook for Teaching provides tips and resources about teaching in higher education. Its larger purpose, however, is to encourage and excite you about the art of teaching in the intellectually rich and diverse context of The University of Iowa. We hope you are eager to teach and to learn about teaching as you embark on a fascinating, fulfilling, lifelong journey as an engaged and caring college teacher.

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The Center for Teaching staff

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