Image of students and professor discussing assignments.

The University of Iowa is fundamentally a community of teachers, learners, and scholars. As in any community, certain behavioral expectations provide the social “glue” that helps keep us—faculty, staff, and students—functioning in a lively and productive way.

The Operations Manual of The University of Iowa makes explicit some of these behavioral expectations. University employees are obliged to follow the manual’s guidelines, including these expectations:

  • Members of the teaching staff may not provide private instruction for pay in any course offered by them or with which they have an official connection, or in other courses without prior approval of their Department Executive Officers.
  • The Iowa Gift Law prohibits University employees and their immediate families from accepting gifts valued at more than $3.00 from certain donors, including students. Several situations are exempt.
  • Each college can establish its own rules concerning absences from class. University regulations require, however, that students be allowed to make up examinations they have missed due to illness, mandatory religious obligations, or other unavoidable circumstances.