Image of students working on laptops in groups.

At one time, chalkboards were considered “cutting-edge” technology. But an instructor who wrote on the blackboard with his back to students was not using this technology in a way to optimize student learning.

Incorporating technology into a course should not be an end unto itself, but a way to broaden and enhance learning. Although there are excellent pedagogical reasons to use technology to teach, many students—including graduate students—have experienced “death by PowerPoint” or comparable technological faux pas. Any technology—even blackboards—risks becoming the end rather than a means for better teaching and learning.

Nevertheless, many excellent reasons exist for incorporating technology such as PowerPoint, student response systems, tablets, ICON, lecture capture, and digital media in the teaching process. The Center for Teaching staff, as well as other staff in OTLT help TAs and faculty members effectively incorporate technology into their teaching. Center for Teaching staff can assist you with pedagogical questions and also arrange consultations with our Student Instructional Technology Assistants (SITAs) to help you integrate technology into your course plans.