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Find the services and resources specific to you. We've introduced audience pages to help guide visitors to the content that's most relevant to their position within the university. 

  • Faculty: The Center for Teaching offers a variety of services to meet the needs of instructors at every stage of their teaching career. 
  • Early Career Faculty: Early-Career Instructors are defined as pre-tenure instructors (clinical-track, tenure-track, lecturers, and adjuncts) in their first three years of teaching at The University of Iowa. 
  • Graduate Students & Post-Docs: From beginning research to designing courses of their own, Grad Students and Post-Docs are unique and valuable members of the University community.
  • Instructional IT Staff: Instructional technology support staff support faculty and students in their use of technology to further their teaching and learning.

Teaching Resources by Topic

The Center for Teaching has collected hundreds of guides, videos, worksheets, and resources to create an online library sorted by teaching topics. Explore our extensive collection of teaching resources to find exactly what you need to try something new in the classroom.


We've streamlined headers to be more concise, and introduced a tabbed interface within larger pages to allow for sub-navigation of connected and related content without the clutter of menu sidebars.

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Each audience and hub page includes a tab for related events so you don't have to filter through the calendar to find what you need. See our Events page for a breakdown of everything that's coming up.

Need help? At the bottom of every page, we've included contact information for a group or staff member who can work with you on a particular issue. Don't hesitate to reach out to the Center for Teaching for general questions at teaching@uiowa.edu.