Members of the Early Career Faculty Academy with Academy Mentors.
The Early Career Faculty Academy is a learning community designed specifically for a cohort of first-year, tenure-track faculty who, with the encouragement of their DEOs, make a commitment to participate.  The cohort explores various aspects of teaching and provides one another with support, accountability, and feedback in preparation for the third-year review.



  • The Academy mentorship program connects Academy members with associate/full professors in departments other than their own.
  • Academy events include: 
  • a structured series of workshops on topics including course design, assessment, and teaching portfolio development.
  • networking events with other early-career, tenure-track faculty members and with tenured faculty mentors.
  • An assigned Student Instructional Technology Assistant (SITA) is available to help each Academy member leverage teaching technologies – such as the ICON Learning Management System – to support efficient, effective teaching. 
  • Each Academy cohort serves as a community whose members provide one another with support, accountability, and feedback. 


To participate

Before the start of each academic year, first-year, tenure-track faculty members will receive an invitation to join the Early Career Faculty Academy and attend a kickoff luncheon at the beginning of the Fall term. 


News about the Academy

(2016, May 3). Teaching Community for New Tenure-Track Faculty Wraps Up Successful First Year. The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology. 



Faculty Learning Communities
A faculty learning community is a cross-disciplinary faculty group of 5 or more members engaging in an active, collaborative, year long program with a curriculum focus on specific topics about pedagogy in higher education.
Early-Career Instructors
Early Career Instructors are defined as pre-tenure instructors (clinical-track, tenure-track, lecturers, and adjuncts) in their first three years of teaching at The University of Iowa.
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The Center for Teaching exists to support excellence in teaching and learning through institutes, workshops, programs and one-on-one consultation. We offer support and resources for any instructor, administrator or staff member involved in teaching and learning at the University of Iowa.