The Early-Career Initiative is designed to support pre-tenure instructors (clinical-track, tenure-track, lecturers, visiting, and adjuncts) in their first three years of teaching at The University of Iowa. Our goal is to help early-career instructors balance teaching with research and other obligations and employ effective and rewarding teaching pedagogies. 

Professional Development for Early-Career Instructors

The Center for Teaching hosts an annual Course Design Institute that maybe of special interest to early career instructors. The Course Design Institute is an intensive, interactive, multi-day program that will guide participants through the process of designing or substantially revising a course. Any instructor (clinical-track, tenure-track, lecturer, visiting, or adjunct) at the University of Iowa who wishes to design or substantially revise a course is eligible to apply to be a part of the Course Design Institute. 

This faculty learning community is designed specifically for a cohort of first-year, tenure-track faculty who, with the encouragement of their DEOs, make a commitment to participate. The cohort explores various aspects of teaching and provides one another with support, accountability, and feedback in preparation for the third-year review. 

The Center for Teaching offers a series of timely workshops (open to all early-career instructors) focused on good teaching practices, including events designed specifically with early-career instructors in mind.