What is the Cultivating Excellence in Teaching Credential? 

The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology (OTLT) Center for Teaching offers the Cultivating Excellence in Teaching Credential to graduate students and postdocs.

Those who complete the credential will be able to:

  • List the Cultivating Excellence in Teaching Credential on their CV.
  • Integrate into their future teaching the strategies they have learned through the workshops.
  • Begin a conversation with an OTLT Center for Teaching staff member on future teaching goals and critical job market items such as the teaching philosophy and syllabi.

The credential is separate from the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching offered by the College of Education.


Workshop attendance 

To attain the Cultivating Excellence in Teaching Credential Attend, you need to attend four OTLT Center for Teaching workshops. 

  • Workshops must be from our graduate teaching assistant programming offerings, including departmental workshops (those who wish to count other Center for Teaching programming toward the credential should email the Center for Teaching at teaching@uiowa.edu).
  • The four workshops may be attended over multiple semesters.
  • Workshops do not count for academic credit.
  • Any workshop over two hours counts as two workshops toward the certificate.
  • The three-day Course Design Fundamentals workshop counts as four workshops.

Reflective essay

Select a prompt from the list below and write a two-page reflective essay. 

  • Describe two strategies that you learned from the workshops you attended and explain how you intend to implement them into your future teaching.
  • Describe a course you want to develop in the future and explain how at least two of the topics from the workshops you attended have provided you with some specific skills to aid in the development of this course.
  • Describe your future professional goals and explain how at least two of the topics from these workshops will help you meet these goals.


Attend a one-hour consultation with an OTLT Center for Teaching staff member to discuss reflection and future teaching goals. After your consultation, you are encouraged to list the credential on your CV.

How do I submit materials? 

To receive the credential, please send a list of the workshops attended along with the following information to the Center for Teaching: 

  • Date of each workshop
  • Title and brief description of each workshop
  • A two-page reflection
  • Your availability for a consultation

The credential offer extends to any previous workshops you have taken as long as you provide all of the information listed above and are a current University of Iowa student.