Investigators:  Jerry Moon
Org Unit: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department(s): Communication Science and Disorders
Proposal Summary:

The specific learning objective of this project have not changed since our original application, and include an understanding of a) skeletal anatomy of the larynx, b) muscular anatomy of the larynx, c) influence of laryngeal muscle anatomy on laryngeal structures, and d) function of the larynx in generating sound during speech.

Based on these evaluations, four areas of attention have been identified and form the focus of this proposal: 1) improving user navigation through the vocal tract by implementing tissue boundaries, joystick control, 2) improving graphics to more realistically represent tissue walls, oral cavity anatomy, etc., 3) developing realistic animations representing vocal fold opening, closing, and vibratory patterns, and 4) exploring the use of the smartphone as an alternate app platform, allowing for the ability to use the application without the need to be tethered to a desktop computer.