A variety of strategies can garner mid-semester feedback from students and classroom observers and provide valuable information not only about what students have learned but also how they are learning. And unlike end-of-the-semester ACE forms, mid-term feedback activities are designed for instructors’ use only. 

Upon invitation, a Center for Teaching staff member will attend a class to observe:

  • student interaction with instructors, TAs and peers
  • classroom delivery style
  • use of teaching technologies and how those are affected by the physical properties of the classroom

Instructors are invited to chat with a staff member prior to the observation to help focus attention on any particular area of concern of the instructor. Following the classroom visit, the instructor and staff member meet to debrief.  Per Center for Teaching policy, these interactions are confidential and by the instructor’s invitation only.

Contact us to request an observation.


Center for Teaching
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Teaching Consultation
The Center for Teaching offers teaching consultations on a variety of topics from presentation skills, student engagement, and incorporating technology into coursework.