The Creativity for a Lifetime (CFL) course is open to undergraduate students regardless of their intended majors. Scholars in the arts, liberal arts, sciences, and social sciences can apply the experience gained from studying the effects of creativity and working with seasoned artists to other academic disciplines. Artists intensively imagine things that don’t yet exist, and understanding artist’s experiences will enhance the work and imagination of undergraduate students as well as faculty in many areas since all scholars are deeply involved in the creative process. The course underscores opportunities to learn diverse methodologies through a TILE classroom experience.  

Students interested in aging come from many disciplines. This course will teach participants to understand the relationship between aging and creativity. Students will learn how to apply interdisciplinary strategies in project-­‐based learning activities to achieve mutually agreed-­‐upon goals. They will learn how to assess cognitive, psychosocial, physical and environmental challenges that artists express and/or manifest in aging. Students will also learn the importance and effective process of obtaining oral histories and will learn to appreciate the concepts of successful aging as well as the need for life-­‐long learning, coupled with an appreciation of creativity throughout one’s lifespan. 

The commonality of the creative process among artists, humanists and scientists has been recognized for centuries and can be further researched by many disciplines for the common good of society. The course is currently being proposed and supported by faculty from Art, Art Education, Rhetoric, Nursing, Public Health and Social Work.  

MAUI (Course Catalog) (ARTS:2000/RHET:2000/ASP:2000/EDTL:2000)

  • 3 s.h., Values, Society & Diversity GE (pending) 

Faculty Co-Instructors

  • Matt Gilchrist (Rhetoric)
  • Anita Jung (Art & Art History)
  • Clara Baldus (School of Education/ Art Education)

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