Graduate TAs and Post-Docs are important members of the University of Iowa teaching community. Whether leading courses on their own or working closely with faculty, TAs and post-docs contribute to student success through designing courses, assisting professors, conducting labs, and developing research. The Center for Teaching aims to provide valuable resources and services for the unique needs of grad student TAs and post-docs.

Meet our 2018-2019 Graduate Teaching Fellows - Graduate Teaching Fellows are experienced graduate student instructors who collaborate with the Center for Teaching to enhance teaching on campus through workshops, a capstone project, and a teaching portfolio.

Professional Development for Graduate Students & Post-Docs

         The Center coordinates a day-long introduction to being a teaching assistant at the UI. 

        Each month the Center hosts workshops on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning. 


  • Book and Reading Groups

         These groups allow students to be part of an ongoing interdisciplinary discussion about selected topics. 

         TA Low-prep Reading Group Su 18

         Whistling Vivaldi Book Group Sp 18

         Graduate TAs can request consultations to talk about their teaching challenges or aspirations. Topics

         of discussion might include increasing student engagement, classroom management, or

         incorporating technology into coursework. 

          The Center for Teaching assists graduate students with developing teaching philosophies and other

           application materials.

          The Extraordinary Teaching Project is a series of short videos that showcase the rich array of

          pedagogies and teaching philosophies that University of Iowa instructors incorporate into their

           teaching. This project highlights specific, effective teaching strategies and inspires innovation.

          Invite Center for Teaching staff to observe and provide feedback about your teaching.

         A CLASSI is a mid-semester service that allows students to reflect on their course and offer

         anonymous feedback to their instructors. CLASSIs allow instructors to better understand their

         students' experiences at a point in the semester when modifications are still possible.


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