Investigators: Gregory J. Prickman
Org Unit: University Libraries
Department(s): Special Collection
Proposal Summary: This project will create an electronic atlas depicting the spread of printing throughout Europe in the first fifty years following the invention of the printing press (1450-1501). The atlas will be viewable online through an easy-to-use website that will show a user the towns where printing had been established in each year of the fifty-year period, while displaying information regarding the first printer and the first book printed in each town. These maps will be transformed into a more detailed atlas when images are simultaneously displayed containing other cultural factors locations of paper mills, universities, and monasteries; common trading routes, market towns, and transportation networks; and political conflicts creating a customizable view of historical information. The goal of the project is to produce a streamlined, user-friendly, web-based resource that depicts these complex relationships in a manner that makes the subject matter and time period accessible to undergraduates. The Atlas of Early Printing will also establish a model for the visual display of cultural events that can be replicated for other historical time periods and topics.














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