The math course(s) for which you are eligible to enroll will depend upon your ALEKS score and your intended major.  The table below lists course placements for different ALEKS score ranges.  You should talk with your academic adviser to determine which course is appropriate for your major.


Course Minimum ALEKS Score Required
MATH:0100 Basic Algebra I 1-29%
MATH:1005 College Algebra 30%
MATH:1010 Trigonometry 55%
MATH:1020 Elementary Functions 60%
MATH:1120 Logic of Arithmetic 30%
MATH:1130 Theory of Arithmetic 75%
MATH:1140 Math Basis for Elementary Geometry 30%
MATH:1340 Mathematics for Business 45%
MATH:1350 Quantitative Reasoning for Business 55%
MATH:1380 Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business 65%
MATH:1440 Mathematics for the Biological Sciences 55%
MATH:1460 Calculus for the Biological Sciences 70%
MATH:1550 Engineering Math I: Single Variable Calculus 75%
MATH:1850 Calculus I 75%


If you have questions about your placement, contact the Academic Advising Center at: or at 319-353-5700.