• Remind students and remind them again, that online evaluations are completely anonymous
    • Iowa's software allows students to login with their hawkID, but once logged in, the students immediately become anonymous in the system
    • On paper-based forms, some faculty recognized students' handwriting
    • Moving online eliminates that
    • Remind students by moving online, the University is also trying to be ecofriendly
  • Let students know that you will not see any results until after final grades have been submitted
  • Before starting the evaluation time in class, reiterate the importance of honest feedback for you as the instructor
    • Positive and negative feedback are both important
    • Include examples of how feedback has been used in the past to improve the class
    • Guide students on how to write helpful feedback
  • Show students how to access the form through ICON
  • Allow time for students to fill out the evaluation during class time
    • Designate a particular day and ask students to bring any mobile device they are comfortable using
    • Iowa's system allows use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Include a small write-up on the syllabus explaining how important the evaluation is to get feedback on your teaching and the classroom environment
    • Perhaps indicate the course evaluation as a calendar item on your syllabus so students are aware when they may be asked to offer feedback about the course, indicating you are open to feedback throughout the semester as well
    • Give an example of how you have altered something in the past based on student feedback
    • Perhaps include some examples of useful student comments
  • Let students know that others at the school, including administration (Deans/Associate Deans who help guide academics) may also review, which could help them with curriculum and strategic planning to more easily accommodate students needs
  • Add self-designed questions to the survey to make it a more personal experience for students for that particular course. Remind students that you have done this.
  • Create a culture of feedback other places in the course
  • Most importantly, thank the students for taking the time to share their feedback


ACE Online Course Evaluations
Assessing the Classroom Environment (ACE) is an online evaluation system that collects student opinions about a course/instructor and provide a standard set of summary results.

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