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Teaching Awards & Celebrations

Teaching Awards & Celebrations

Council on Teaching Awards

Visit the Council on Teaching website for more information, including nomination deadlines and past award recipients.

President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence

2013-14 Award Recipients & Teaching Departments

  • Mary Aquilino, Community and Behavioral Health
  • Jay Holstein, Religious studies
  • Gale Mote, Management and Organizations
  • Thomas J. Schmidt, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Previous winners are listed here.

A selection of previous Award Recipients' Personal Teaching Statements can be read here.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

2013-14 Award Recipients & Teaching Departments

  • Katelin Ahlers, Biology
  • Stacey Alex, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Bryan Asbury, Rhetoric
  • Gabriel Baker, History
  • Linh Bui, Biology
  • Christine Caples, Mathematics
  • Brian Collins, Philosophy
  • Kristi DiClemente, History
  • Stephanie Grossnickle-Batterton, English
  • Brook Irving, Communication Studies
  • Olga Kulikova, Russian
  • Steve LeVillian, French and Italian
  • Robert Matthiesen, Chemistry
  • Kristin Menke, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations
  • Benjamin Miele, English


  • Nicholas Miguel, Music
  • Stephanie Miles, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Mark Miller, Biochemistry
  • Benjamin Morton, Communication Studies
  • Justine Olson, Chemistry
  • Michael Overholt, Classics
  • Cody Reeves, Management and Organizations
  • Heather Ann Roy, Rhetoric
  • Bethany Smith, Rhetoric
  • Andrew Spracklen, Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Cassandra Spracklen, Epidemiology
  • Mark Sulzer, Teaching and Learning
  • Taryne Taylor, English
  • Clinton Van Winkle, Civil Engineering
  • Jessica Wiliams, Mathematics

Previous winners are listed here.

Instructional Improvement Awards

2013-14 Award Recipients

Cameron, Lauren
Sanchez Guayara, 
Cultural Sensitivity in the Classroom: Promoting Openness, Valuing Difference, and Thinking Critically about Embodied Learning

Anatomy and Cell Biology  
Hoffman, Darren 
Massage Therapy and Medicine: An interprofessional approach to teaching musculoskeletal anatomy

Teaching and Learning 
Johnson, David
Plakans, Lia 
Increasing the technology of a teacher preparation course: videos, web resources and apps


Operative Dentistry 
Kwon, So Ran
Comparison between conventional visual and novel digital technology assessment technique to grade dental anatomy projects

Spanish and Portuguese 
Shea, Christine  
Flipping the Spanish Classroom

Spofford, Christina
Anesthesia Clerkship Medical Student Modules

Theatre Arts 
Stone, R Eric
Integrating Digital Tablets into the Theatre Arts Design Lab

Previous winners are listed here.

Academic Technologies Advisory Council Awards

Visit the Academic Technologies Advisory Council website for more information, including proposal deadlines and past award recipients.

Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards
FY14 Award Recipients

H.S. Udaykumar
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Proposal: Enhancing Student Learning in Transport Phenomena Related Engineering Courses Through Web-accessed Computational Thermal-Fluid Modeling Tools
Udaykumar was awarded $25,000 to develop a software interface to an existing world-class thermal and fluid flow solver called pELAFINT3D that will enable its integration into formal and informal teaching activities. It is expected that this will have a major impact on student learning and exploration of modern pedagogies along with expanding undergraduate students’ ability to conduct and learn from independent research and open-ended course projects.

Alberto Segre
Computer Science

Proposal: Making Algorithmic Thinking Concrete via Collaboration with the Performing Arts - Year 2
Segre was awarded $10,000 for continued support of his funded FY13 proposal that called for the purchase of five programmable Aldeberan NAOH25 robots to support interdisciplinary collaborative learning among computer science and dance students. Students will learn core computational concepts by designing, choreographing, directing, and producing a robotic dance performance.

Ibrahim Demir
IIHR Hydroscience and Engineering

Proposal:Web-based Augmented and Virtual Reality Flood Simulation Platform for Game-based Learning of Hydrological Concepts
Demir was awarded $12,000 to develop a web-based interactive simulation environment for introducing hydrological concepts in engineering and science curriculum. Students will receive hands-on experience in hydrological concepts, management actions, and effects of flooding in actual communities in Iowa.

Marc Linderman
Geographical and Sustainability Sciences

Proposal:The Acquisition and Integration of Unpiloted Aerial Vehicles in Spatial Analyses Courses
Linderman was awarded $5,320 to design a summer course that engages students in novel methods of spatial analysis through the use of Unpiloted Aerial Vehicle technology and a set of related research opportunities.

Renee Cole

Proposal:   Transforming Content Delivery in Advanced Chemistry Laboratory Courses
Cole was awarded $33,100 to develop self-paced instructional modules that will allow students enrolled in advanced laboratory classes to access and review key information for laboratory experiments prior to conducting the experiments. The result will be more class time for instructors to focus on higher order learning objectives.